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DhAssistantView, struct in DhAssistantView
DhAssistantView::open-uri, object signal in DhAssistantView
dh_assistant_view_new, function in DhAssistantView
dh_assistant_view_search, function in DhAssistantView
dh_assistant_view_set_link, function in DhAssistantView


DhBook, struct in DhBook
DhBook::deleted, object signal in DhBook
DhBook::disabled, object signal in DhBook
DhBook::enabled, object signal in DhBook
DhBook::updated, object signal in DhBook
DhBookManager, struct in DhBookManager
DhBookManager::book-created, object signal in DhBookManager
DhBookManager::book-deleted, object signal in DhBookManager
DhBookManager::book-disabled, object signal in DhBookManager
DhBookManager::book-enabled, object signal in DhBookManager
DhBookManager:group-by-language, object property in DhBookManager
DhBookTree, struct in DhBookTree
DhBookTree::link-selected, object signal in DhBookTree
dh_book_cmp_by_id, function in DhBook
dh_book_cmp_by_title, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_completion, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_enabled, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_id, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_index_file, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_language, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_links, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_title, function in DhBook
dh_book_get_tree, function in DhBook
dh_book_manager_get_books, function in DhBookManager
dh_book_manager_get_group_by_language, function in DhBookManager
dh_book_manager_get_singleton, function in DhBookManager
dh_book_manager_new, function in DhBookManager
dh_book_manager_populate, function in DhBookManager
dh_book_manager_set_group_by_language, function in DhBookManager
dh_book_new, function in DhBook
dh_book_set_enabled, function in DhBook
dh_book_tree_get_selected_book, function in DhBookTree
dh_book_tree_new, function in DhBookTree
dh_book_tree_select_uri, function in DhBookTree


DhCompletion, struct in DhCompletion
dh_completion_add_string, function in DhCompletion
dh_completion_aggregate_complete, function in DhCompletion
dh_completion_complete, function in DhCompletion
dh_completion_new, function in DhCompletion
dh_completion_sort, function in DhCompletion


dh_finalize, function in Initialization and Finalization


dh_init, function in Initialization and Finalization


DhKeywordModel, struct in DhKeywordModel
dh_keyword_model_filter, function in DhKeywordModel
dh_keyword_model_new, function in DhKeywordModel


DhLink, struct in DhLink
DhLinkFlags, enum in DhLink
DhLinkType, enum in DhLink
dh_link_belongs_to_page, function in DhLink
dh_link_compare, function in DhLink
dh_link_get_book_id, function in DhLink
dh_link_get_book_title, function in DhLink
dh_link_get_flags, function in DhLink
dh_link_get_link_type, function in DhLink
dh_link_get_name, function in DhLink
dh_link_get_uri, function in DhLink
dh_link_match_relative_url, function in DhLink
dh_link_new, function in DhLink
dh_link_new_book, function in DhLink
dh_link_ref, function in DhLink
dh_link_set_flags, function in DhLink
dh_link_type_to_string, function in DhLink
dh_link_unref, function in DhLink


DhSidebar, struct in DhSidebar
DhSidebar::link-selected, object signal in DhSidebar
dh_sidebar_new, function in DhSidebar
dh_sidebar_select_uri, function in DhSidebar
dh_sidebar_set_search_focus, function in DhSidebar
dh_sidebar_set_search_string, function in DhSidebar