ECalBackendFactory — The factory for creating new calendars

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── EExtension
        ╰── EBackendFactory
            ╰── ECalBackendFactory


#include <libedata-cal/libedata-cal.h>


This class handles creation of new calendars of various backend types.


Types and Values

struct ECalBackendFactory

struct ECalBackendFactory;

Contains only private data that should be read and manipulated using the functions below.

struct ECalBackendFactoryClass

struct ECalBackendFactoryClass {
	/* Subclasses just need to set these
	 * class members, we handle the rest. */
	const gchar *factory_name;
	icalcomponent_kind component_kind;
	GType backend_type;

Class structure for the ECalBackendFactory class.

Subclasses need to set the factory name and backend type at initialization, the base class will take care of creating backends of the specified type on demand.


const gchar *factory_name;

The string identifier for this book backend type


icalcomponent_kind component_kind;

The type if component this calendar backend should be created for


GType backend_type;

The GType to use to build EBookBackends for this factory