Part I. Data Sources and Extensions

Table of Contents

Data Sources
ESource — Hierarchical data sources
ESourceRegistry — A central repository for data sources
Data Source Extensions
ESourceExtension — Base class for ESource extensions
ESourceBackend — Base class for backend-based data sources
ESourceSelectable — Base class for selectable data sources
ESourceAddressBookESource extension for an address book
ESourceAlarmsESource extension for alarm state
ESourceAuthenticationESource extension for authentication settings
ESourceAutocompleteESource extension for autocomplete settings
ESourceTaskListESource extension for a calendar
ESourceCamelESource extension for CamelSettings
ESourceCollectionESource extension for grouping related resources
ESourceGoaESource extension for GNOME Online Accounts
ESourceMailAccountESource extension for an email account
ESourceMailCompositionESource extension for mail composition settings
ESourceMailIdentityESource extension for an email identity
ESourceMailSignatureESource extension for email signatures
ESourceMailSubmissionESource extension for submitting emails
ESourceMailTransportESource extension for an email transport
ESourceMDNESource extension for MDN settings
ESourceOfflineESource extension for offline settings
ESourceOpenPGPESource extension for OpenPGP settings
ESourceProxyESource extension for network proxy settings
ESourceRefreshESource extension for refresh settings
ESourceResourceESource extension for a remote resource
ESourceRevisionGuardsESource extension to configure revision guards
ESourceSecurityESource extension for security settings
ESourceSMIMEESource extension for S/MIME settings
ESourceUoaESource extension for Ubuntu Online Accounts
ESourceWebdavESource extension for WebDAV settings
ESourceBackendSummarySetupESource extension to configure summary fields