Part IV. GMime Classes

Table of Contents

Class hierarchy
GMimeStream — Abstract stream class
GMimeStreamFile — A Standard-C FILE-based stream
GMimeStreamFs — A low-level FileSystem stream
GMimeStreamGIO — A wrapper for GLib's GIO streams
GMimeStreamMem — A memory-backed stream
GMimeStreamMmap — A memory-mapped file stream
GMimeStreamNull — A null stream
GMimeStreamFilter — A filtering stream
GMimeStreamBuffer — A buffered stream
GMimeStreamPipe — A low-level pipe stream
GMimeStreamCat — A concatenated stream
Stream Filters
GMimeFilter — Abstract filter class
GMimeFilterBasic — Basic transfer encoding filter
GMimeFilterBest — Determine the best charset/encoding to use for a stream
GMimeFilterCharset — Charset-conversion filter
GMimeFilterChecksum — Calculate a checksum
GMimeFilterDos2Unix — Convert line-endings from Windows/DOS (CRLF) to UNIX (LF).
GMimeFilterEnriched — Convert text/enriched or text/rtf to HTML
GMimeFilterFrom — Escape MBox From_ lines
GMimeFilterGZip — GNU Zip compression/decompression
GMimeFilterHTML — Convert plain text into HTML
GMimeFilterOpenPGP — Detect OpenPGP markers.
GMimeFilterSmtpData — Byte-stuffs outgoing SMTP DATA.
GMimeFilterStrip — Strip trailing whitespace from the end of lines
GMimeFilterUnix2Dos — Convert line-endings from UNIX (LF) to Windows/DOS (CRLF).
GMimeFilterWindows — Determine if text is in a Microsoft Windows codepage
GMimeFilterYenc — yEncode or yDecode
Data Wrappers
GMimeDataWrapper — Content objects
Message and MIME Headers
GMimeHeaderList — Message and MIME part headers
GMimeContentType — Content-Type fields
GMimeContentDisposition — Content-Disposition fields
GMimeParamList — Content-Type and Content-Disposition parameters
Internet Addresses
InternetAddress — Internet addresses
InternetAddressGroup — rfc822 'group' address
InternetAddressMailbox — rfc822 'mailbox' address
InternetAddressList — A list of internet addresses
MIME Messages and Parts
GMimeObject — Abstract MIME objects
GMimeMessage — Messages
GMimePart — MIME parts
GMimeTextPart — textual MIME parts
GMimeMultipart — MIME multiparts
GMimeMultipartEncrypted — Encrypted MIME multiparts
GMimeMultipartSigned — Signed MIME multiparts
GMimeApplicationPkcs7Mime — Pkcs7 MIME parts
GMimeMessagePart — Message parts
GMimeMessagePartial — Partial MIME parts
GMimePartIter — MIME part iterators
Parsing Messages and MIME Parts
GMimeParserOptions — Parser options
GMimeParser — Message and MIME part parser
Cryptography Contexts
GMimeCertificate — Digital certificates
GMimeSignature — Digital signatures
GMimeCryptoContext — Encryption/signing contexts
GMimeGpgContext — GnuPG crypto contexts
GMimePkcs7Context — PKCS7 crypto contexts