Changes from 1.0 to 2.0

Changes from 1.0 to 2.0 — Incompatible changes made between version 1.0 and version 2.0

Incompatible changes from 1.0 to 2.0

See also the PORTING document in the toplevel GMime source directory.

The major change here is that I've dropped my own base object class and have replaced it with GObject from glib-2.0. This should be a pleasant change since you (the developer) will now be able to do many more things such as setting arbitrary data on all GMime objects. For additional information about GObject, please see the GObject Reference Manual at

  • The first thing you need to know is that any function returning a non-const pointer to any object /must/ be unref'd when you are done with it. Since all objects in GMime now subclass GObject, you may safely use g_object_unref() (GMimeStream's may also be unref'd using g_mime_stream_unref(), but either way is fine). Don't forget that g_mime_part_get_content_object() returns a ref-counted GMimeDataWrapper object now, and so you /must/ unref it when you have finished using it. You must also remember to unref any GMimeDataWrapper object that you /set/ on a GMimePart using g_mime_part_set_content_object() as the GMimePart will now ref the content object that you set on it.

  • GMimeMultipart is a new class which is to be used for all multipart MIME parts rather than GMimePart (as in 1.0). There are also some subclasses of GMimeMultipart for other things.

  • g_mime_part_[g,s]et_boundary() have been removed (see above). You must now create a GMimeMultipart object and use g_mime_multipart_[g,s]et_boundary().

  • g_mime_part_add_subpart() has been replaced with g_mime_multipart_add_part().

  • g_mime_part_foreach() has been replaced with g_mime_multipart_foreach() and/or g_mime_message_foreach_part().

  • g_mime_part_get_subpart_from_content_id() has been replaced with g_mime_multipart_get_subpart_from_content_id().

  • Another new class is GMimeMessagePart which is to be used for all MIME parts containing an rfc822 message. All 1.0 GMimePart's representing message/rfc822 parts (as well as message/news parts?) need to be migrated over to be GMimeMessagePart objects.

  • GMimeMessagePartial is another class meant for handling the message/partial MIME type. All 1.0 GMimePart's holding data of this type should be replaced with GMimeMessagePartial objects.

  • g_mime_message_write_to_stream() and g_mime_part_write_to_stream() functions have been consolidated into a virtual method. Replace calls to these functions with g_mime_object_write_to_stream(). Note: while g_mime_part_write_to_stream() and g_mime_message_write_to_stream() still exist, it is suggested you migrate to g_mime_object_write_to_stream(). Same goes for g_mime_part_to_string() and g_mime_message_to_string().

  • GMimeMessage's structure has changed a bit. You will not be able to do message->header, instead you want to do ((GMimeObject *) message)->header.

  • g_mime_message_set_message_id() now takes a message_id argument without the encapsulating < and >'s (it now just takes the addr-spec portion of the msg-id).

  • GMimeFilterFrom has changed slightly, you will want to replace all calls to g_mime_filter_from_new() with g_mime_filter_from_new (GMIME_FILTER_FROM_MODE_DEFAULT) (GMIME_FILTER_FROM_MODE_DEFAULT is equivalent to (int) 0).

  • GMimeParser is a brand new class and gmime-parser.h has had a number of API additions. g_mime_parser_construct_part() and g_mime_parser_construct_message() still exist, however they no longer take a GMimeStream argument. Instead, they take a GMimeParser object.