Changes from 2.6 to 3.0

Changes from 2.6 to 3.0 — Changes made between version 2.6 and version 3.0

Changes from 2.6 to 3.0

GMimeMessage API changes:

  • g_mime_message_get_sender() no longer returns the value of the From header, it now returns an InternetAddressList* containing the parsed address(es) from the Sender header. For the From addresses, use g_mime_message_get_from().

  • g_mime_message_get_reply_to() no longer returns a const char*, instead it returns an InternetAddressList* for easier use.

  • g_mime_message_set_sender() and g_mime_message_set_reply_to() have been removed. You will either need to use the appropriate getter method and then internet_address_list_add() to add a new InternetAddressMailbox or, alternatively, you can use g_mime_message_add_mailbox().

  • GMimeRecipientType has been replaced by GMimeAddressType because it now contains non-recipient-based enum values (SENDER, FROM, and REPLY_TO).

  • g_mime_message_get_recipients() has been replaced by g_mime_message_get_addresses() which allows you to access the address lists of any address header.

  • g_mime_message_add_recipient() has been renamed to g_mime_message_add_mailbox() due to the fact that it can now be used to add mailbox addresses to the Sender, From, and Reply-To headers as well.

  • g_mime_message_set_subject() now takes a charset argument used when encoding the subject into rfc2047 encoded-word tokens (if needed). Use NULL to get the old behavior of using a best-fit charset.

  • Removed g_mime_message_get_date_as_string() and g_mime_message_get_date_as_string(). This is unnecessary since this can be done using g_mime_object_get_header() and g_mime_object_set_header()

Cryptography related API changes:

  • Renamed GMimeCertificateTrust to GMimeTrust and GMIME_CERTIFICATE_TRUST_NONE to GMIME_TRUST_UNKNOWN.

  • Removed g_mime_gpg_context_get_always_trust() and g_mime_gpg_context_set_always_trust(). This can now be accomplished by passing GMIME_ENCRYPT_ALWAYS_TRUST to g_mime_crypto_context_encrypt().

  • Removed g_mime_gpg_context_get_use_agent() and g_mime_gpg_context_set_use_agent(). This should no longer be needed.

  • Removed g_mime_gpg_context_get_auto_key_retrieve() and g_mime_gpg_context_set_auto_key_retrieve().

  • Removed g_mime_crypto_context_get_retrieve_session_key() and g_mime_crypto_context_set_retrieve_session_key(). This is now handled by passing GMIME_DECRYPT_EXPORT_SESSION_KEY to the g_mime_crypto_context_decrypt() method.

  • GMimeCryptoContext's encrypt, decrypt, and verify methods now all take a flags argument that can enable additional features (see above examples).

  • g_mime_crypto_context_sign() now takes a boolean 'detach' argument that specifies whether or not to generate a detached signature. To get the old behavior, pass TRUE as the detach argument.

  • g_mime_crypto_context_decrypt_session() has been merged with g_mime_crypto_context_decrypt() and so the decryot method now takes a session_key argument that is allowed to be NULL.

  • g_mime_crypto_context_verify() no longer takes a 'digest' argument as it was unused (it was originally meant to be a hint but wasnever really needed).

  • g_mime_multipart_signed_verify() and g_mime_multipart_encrypted_decrypt() no longer take GMimeCryptoContext arguments. Instead, they instantiate their own contexts based on the protocol specified in the Content-Type header. These methods now also take a flags argument and in the case of the decrypt() method, it now also takes a session_key argument.

  • GMimeSignatureStatus and GMimeSignatureErrors have been merged into a single bitfield (GMimeSignatureStatus) which mirrors gpgme_sigsum_t and thus g_mime_signature_get_errors() and g_mime_signature_set_errors() have been removed.

  • g_mime_multipart_encrypted_encrypt() no longer takes a GMimeMultipartEncrypted argument nor does it return int. Instead, this function now returns a newly allocated GMimeMultipartEncrypted.

  • g_mime_multipart_signed_sign() no longer takes a GMimeMultipartSigned argument nor does it return int. Instead, this function now returns a newly allocated GMimeMultipartSigned.

Other API changes:

  • g_mime_set_user_charsets() and g_mime_user_charsets() have been removed. All encoding API's now have a way to specify a charset to use and all decoder API's take a GMimeParserOptions argument that allows for specifying fallback charsets.

  • GMimeObject's prepend_header(), append_header(), set_header(), get_header(), and remove_header() virtual methods have all been removed. They have been replaced by the header_added(), header_changed(), header_removed(), and headers_cleared() virtual methods to allow users to set headers on the GMimeHeaderList directly and still get notifications of those changes.

  • g_mime_object_new() and g_mime_object_new_with_type() both now take a GMimeParserOptions argument.

  • g_mime_param_new_from_string() has been replaced by g_mime_param_list_parse() and now takes a GMimeParserOptions argument.

  • g_mime_content_type_new_from_string() has been replaced by g_mime_content_type_parse() and now takes a GMimeParserOptions argument.

  • g_mime_content_type_to_string() has been renamed to g_mime_content_type_get_mime_type() and a new function has been introduced called g_mime_content_type_encode() that includes the encoded parameter list.

  • g_mime_content_type_get_params() has been renamed to g_mime_content_type_get_parameters().

  • g_mime_content_disposition_new_from_string() has been replaced by g_mime_content_disposition_parse() and now takes a GMimeParserOptions argument.

  • g_mime_content_disposition_to_string() has been replaced by g_mime_content_disposition_encode().

  • g_mime_content_disposition_get_params() has been renamed to g_mime_content_disposition_get_parameters().

  • internet_address_list_parse_string() has been replaced by internet_address_list_parse() and now takes a GMimeParserOptions argument.

  • GMimeHeaderIter has been dropped in favour of a more direct way of iterating over a GMimeHeaderList using int indexes.

  • g_mime_stream_write_to_stream(), g_mime_stream_writev(), and g_mime_stream_printf() now return a gint64.

  • g_mime_stream_file_new_for_path() has been renamed to g_mime_stream_file_open() and now also takes a GError argument.

  • g_mime_stream_fs_new_for_path() has been renamed to g_mime_stream_fs_open() and now also takes a GError argument.

  • g_mime_part_new() now returns a GMimePart with a Content-Type of "application/octet-stream" instead of "text/plain" since there is now a GMimeTextPart who's g_mime_text_part_new() returns a GMimeTextPart with a Content-Type of "text/plain".

  • g_mime_part_get_content_object() has been renamed to g_mime_part_get_content().

  • g_mime_part_set_content_object() has been renamed to g_mime_part_set_content().

  • g_mime_parser_get_scan_from() and g_mime_parser_set_scan_from() have been replaced by g_mime_parser_get_format() and g_mime_parser_get_format() which take a GMimeFormat argument.

  • g_mime_parser_get_from() has been renamed to g_mime_parser_get_mbox_marker().

  • g_mime_parser_get_from_offset() has been renamed to g_mime_parser_get_mbox_marker_offset().

  • g_mime_parser_construct_message() and g_mime_parser_construct_part() now take a GMimeParserOptions argument.

  • Renamed GMimeFilterMd5 to GMimeFilterChecksum.

  • Renamed g_mime_multipart_get_preface() to g_mime_multipart_get_prologue() and g_mime_multipart_set_preface to g_mime_multipart_set_prologue.

  • Renamed g_mime_multipart_get_postface() to g_mime_multipart_get_epilogue() and g_mime_multipart_set_postface() to g_mime_multipart_set_epilogue().

  • Updated g_mime_object_write_to_stream() to take a GMimeFormatOptions argument.

  • Split GMimeFilterCRLF into GMimeFilterDos2Unix, GMimeFilterUnix2Dos and GMimeFilterSmtpData.