Mailing lists and bug reports

Mailing lists and bug reports — Getting help with GMime

Filing a bug report or feature request

If you encounter a bug, misfeature, or missing feature in GMime, please file a bug report at We'd also appreciate reports of incomplete or misleading information in the GMime documentation.

The issue tracker should also be used for feature requests, it's not only for bugs. We track all GMime development in GitHub's issue tracker, so it's the way to be sure that the GMime developers won't forget about an issue.

Submitting Patches

If you develop a bugfix or enhancement for GMime, please submit a pull request if you can. Sending the patch (as generated by a diff -u) to the mailing-list also works (although a pull request is preferred). Note that all patches must be offered under the terms of the LGPLv2.1 license, so be sure you are authorized to give us the patch under those terms.

If you want to discuss your patch before or after developing it, mail

Mailing lists

There is currently only one mailing-list devoted to GMime itself which is for both the development of and development with GMime. You can subscribe to this list at