Miscellaneous Functions

Miscellaneous Functions — Miscellaneous functions.



gnome_keyring_is_available ()

gboolean            gnome_keyring_is_available          (void);

Check whether you can communicate with a gnome-keyring-daemon.

Returns :

FALSE if you can't communicate with the daemon (so you can't load and save passwords).

gnome_keyring_cancel_request ()

void                gnome_keyring_cancel_request        (gpointer request);

Cancel an asynchronous request.

If a callback was registered when making the asynchronous request, that callback function will be called with a result of GNOME_KEYRING_RESULT_CANCELLED

request :

The request returned from the asynchronous call function.

gnome_keyring_string_list_free ()

void                gnome_keyring_string_list_free      (GList *strings);

Free a list of string pointers.

strings :

A GList of string pointers. [element-type utf8]