API Reference

Table of Contents

grilo — Metadata library supporting several services
Plug-in management
GrlRegistry — Grilo plugins loader and manager
Data sources
GrlPlugin — Base class for Grilo Plugins
GrlSource — Abstract base class for sources
Capabilities and Options
GrlCaps — Describes the capabilities of a source for a given operation.
GrlOperationOptions — Describes the options to be passed to an operation
Search in multiple sources
Multiple — Search in multiple loaded sources
Configuring plug-ins
GrlConfig — Configuration data storage
Media data
GrlData — Low-level class for storing metadata information about media resources provided by GrlSource objects.
GrlRelatedKeys — A class where to store related metadata keys.
GrlMedia — A multimedia data transfer object
grl-metadata-key — General media key definition
grl-log — Log system
grl-util — utility functions