libglom-1.30: Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAppStateThere is one instance per document
 CChoiceValueA value of a custom choice, for a field or a layout item
 CDatabaseTitleThis is a separate class, instead of just deriving Document from TranslatableItem, to avoid the need to use Document via std::shared_ptr
 CFormattingThis specifies how to display data for fields or static text items
 CFoundSetA grouping of information about a view of a table, including what records are viewed (the where clause), how the are sorted (the sort clause)
 CHasTitleSingularHasTitleSingular instances may have a (translated) singular form of their title
 CLayoutItem_FieldA LayoutItem that shows the data from a table field
 CLayoutItem_GroupByThe child items are fields to be shown for each record in the group
 CLayoutItem_LineThis is only used on print layouts
 CLayoutItem_NotebookThe child items are LayoutGroups, each of which will be shown on its own tab
 CLayoutItem_PortalGet_title() returns either the title of the Field or the CustomTitle
 CLayoutItem_TextA layout item for static text, and an optional title
 CLayoutItem_VerticalGroupThe child items are arranged vertically in a row on a report
 CLayoutItem_WithFormattingA base class for all layout items that may have formatting options
 CStaticTextThis reuses the title concept of the TranslatableItem base class to give us translatable text
 CTranslatableItemTranslatableItem have a map of translation strings - one string for each locale
 CDocumentThe Document is like the 'Model' in the Model-View-Controller framework
 CViewThis is a base class which should be multiple-inherited with gtkmm widgets
 CView_CompositeThis View delegates to sub-views
 CViewBaseThis is a base class for View